This proprietary, soap based blend has two purposes to clean your leather and smell amazing!


We have mixed all natural ingredients into our glove cleaner blend and created a cleaner that will take dirt off your leather as well as out of your labels, patches and any other stitching on your glove.

Available in 1.5 and 4 ounce tins.  Please see full instructions below.


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Directions for use

***The following are simply recommendations. You will most likely need to experiment to find out your favorite way to use the products.

(Test a small, discrete portion of your glove before covering entire glove to make sure your glove responds well)

  • Using soft brush and (warm) water, rub cleaner until a lather is created 
  • Once lather starts, begin scrubbing the glove, creating a lather on the glove
  • Go back and forth between glove, water, and cleaner in order to maintain desired lather.
  • Periodically wipe away lather from glove and continue until the glove is finished 
  • Use cleaner on leather and cloth portions of glove
  • Allow glove to fully dry, then use our pro glove conditioner to replenish your glove!
  • Allow cleaner to dry before placing the lid on