The Game Ready Glove Conditioner blend has two purposes in mind, and is intended for in-season use, but can be used anytime.


The primary purpose of the blend is to condition the leather of your glove with all natural ingredients.


The second purpose of this blend is to add tackiness to your glove. We have added some additional all-natural ingredients which contribute to the tacky feel. This is designed to help the ball stick in your glove better as well as enhance grip on the ball.


Please read full instructions below.

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Directions for use

***The following are simply recommendations. You will most likely need to experiment to find out your favorite way to use the products.

(Test a small, discrete portion of your glove before covering entire glove to make sure your glove responds well)

  • Keep balm in a climate controlled space (balm can melt at high
    temperatures, if this happens, don’t worry, it will become solid again
    once placed back in a cool place).
  • To apply, scoop out a small amount of balm at a time, and apply to your
    glove.  Continue this process until you have covered the area you would
    like to cover with balm. We recommend using the Game Ready Glove
    Conditioner on the palm/pocket of the glove while applying the Pro Glove
    Conditioner to the rest of the glove.  You can use either product on
    the entire glove if you choose, just remember the Game Ready Glove
    Conditioner is designed to make the glove tacky.
  • Allow balm to sit on glove over night, then if there is too much
    remaining residue the next day, wipe it off with a dry cloth.  You can
    also wipe off excess conditioner with a dry cloth shortly after you have
    applied it without waiting over night; this will limit the amount of
    conditioner soaked into the glove.
  • Depending on your leather and your climate, you will use the balm
    differently.  For dry climates you may want to use the balm more than
    once a week to keep the leather nourished.  If you live in a humid
    climate you may want to use it less, it depends on how your glove
    responds and how you want your glove to feel.  Apply as needed for your
    specific preference.