PHX™ Leg Guards/ Paige Halstead Inspired


All-Star teamed up with Paige to develop top tier gear for elite and professional fastpitch catchers.  The leg guards are packed with features designed for performance and fit.

  • LINQ™ HINGE SYSTEM: This pivoting hinge allows for complete movement while blocking, throwing, and running
  • DELTA-FLEX HARNESS: Comfortable, wide neoprene top strap and "X" harness on the back of the calf secures these leg guards in place.  Easy to adjust and secure.
  • 3D AIR MESH PADDING: Removable knee and shin padding is breathable and washable.
  • On top of that, these leg guards are fully perforated for breath-ability.

Color: WHITE


We combined the functionality of All-Star’s patented LINQ™ hinge system with a new innovative Delta-Flex™ calf harness to create the most comfortable leg guard in softball history. Dual padded liners are adjustable for the perfect fit.


  • Comfortable, wide neoprene  top strap and an all-new Delta-Flex™ Harness design create a perfect fit all game long.  

  • The LINQ™ pivoting hinge system allows a player to strap these on and completely forget about them while blocking, throwing, and running.  

  • PHX Leg Guards feature CON4M Fit Tech allowing the protective plastic shell to contour around a players leg.